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Find your inner drummer

Most people have a drummer inside them, trying to get out.

That's why Ultimate Tuition is geared up for drummers of all ages, all abilities and both sexes - from pre-school beginners to retired people who have always regretted not learning and can no longer think of a good reason not to.

Or maybe you are a former drummer who wants to take it up again, or have experience but find you need some professional guidance or help with brushing up on your technique.

Whatever your circumstance, Ultimate Tuition can help - and it doesn't matter which style of drumming you fancy, either. We will teach you the basics and tailor lessons if you want to specialize, whether it be for easy listening, jazz, pop, heavy rock or whatever kind of drumming you are interested in. And if you are keen to take the disciplined route, and study and practise for grades, Ultimate Tutiton will also guide you.

You don't need to be the owner of an expensive drum kit to start. You can learn in our studios (or take lessons at home if you like) - and when you are ready to buy your own kit, we can help with that, too.

It doesn't matter whether you want to play for fun or whether you have dreams of being in a band. Whatever your reasons for deciding to free your inner drummer, Ultimate Tuition can help you unlock your potential.

So don't just find your inner drummer. Release him/her!

For more information, contact us.