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Now for some serious guitar

At Ultimate Tuition we provide a tailored course to suit the student's needs - whether you are interested in classical, acoustic, electric or bass guitar.


We follow the Guitarist's Way books to assist in tuition, building a foundation for technique and skills, as well as learning to read notation. We can then start to look at entering you into grades, thorough the Trinity Guildhall exam board, and pushing towards more challenging pieces of music to better your classical playing. Classical guitar playing also covers Spanish and fFamenco guitar.


A good way to start learning the guitar. These types of lessons would generally involve looking and different chords, strum patterns and building up the skills and techniques needed to play along to songs and even start looking at composing music, also covering song writing. Students can then look at playing the electric guitar.


If you are looking to take grades in the electric guitar, we can follow the Rock school, RGT, or trinity guildhall exam syllabuses. In addition, you will learn such things as; chords, improvisation, composing, song writing, recording.


See our Back to Basses page.

We are always interested in what the student wants to achieve out of the lessons, so we can easily mix and match different aspects of each type of guitar - whether you are wanting to just play to be in a band or make music to becoming a concert/ session musician . We cover all styles from classical to jazz, and rock to funk, enabling you to be a more versatile musician. Contact us today to talk about what you want to achieve, and we can create a course to help further your goals.

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