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Unlocking the keyboard

As with all our tuition, when it comes to keyboards, we have lots of experience of teaching all kinds of students - from complete beginners upwards.

So you need have no reservations about where you fit in - because we tailor lessons to suit you.

That includes taking into account your reason for wanting to learn and your personal goals - whether it is just to play for fun, in private, or to join a band or orchestra and perform in front of an audience.

Your age isn't important either, so if, for example, you are taking up the keyboards later in life, we can still help. And if you are returning to the keyboards having been taught them previously, we can help you pick up where you left off.

Your musical preferences are important too. Although the styles we can teach range from classical to jazz, we always like to know what you would like to play, because at Ultimate Tuition we strongly believe learning should be fun, and it's always more fun playing music you like.

It's all about tailoring our tuition to your requirements, not the other way round, so contact us to find out more.