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Back to bassists

They may be the coolest, most laid back and unassuming member of the band, but they are often the unsung heroes of the team, so we have a soft spot for bassists!

At Ultimate Tuition we teach you how to be a great bass player and - as ever - will tailor our lessons to suit you, wherever you are on the learning curve.

In fact, we always say that we don't just teach the techniques of bass playing, but rather the art of it, so whether your preference is for silky smooth funk, sexy jazz or solid rock rhythm - or indeed if you are looking to be an all-round bassist - we can help.

We also think that the bass is for all ages - from novices up to older players who never quite got round to playing before - and both sexes.

Whatever you want to get out of the bass, we'll show you how to do it, so contact us to find out more.